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Will You See Any Tax Relief in 2013?

When Congress imposed the first tax in 1913, the top rate was just 7%. That top rate soared to 73% after World War One, dropped to 24% in 1929 and 25% for the first two years of the Great Depression, then climbed as high as 92% in the Eisenhower administration. Since then, it’s dropped as low as 31% during the first Bush administration, 39.6% during the Clinton years, and back down to 35% from 2003 until today.

There are lots of invisible tax increases for 2013. With expiring tax provisions and many potential changes based on the election results, we will discuss what the affects will be for you.

• Tax rate and capital gains rate expirations

• Payroll FICA tax reduction expiration

• The future of estate taxes

• Vanishing Bonus depreciation

• Education credits

• What credits are set to expire

Webinar Times:
Monday, October 29 @ 10am EST
Tuesday, November 27 @ 1:30pm EST
Friday, December 7 @ 10am EST

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