Tax Return Extension Information

Corporate and Partnership Taxes are due Monday, March 15

Individual Taxes are due Thursday, April 15

In order to complete your individual tax returns by April 15, we must receive all information pertaining to your tax returns by March 25. Otherwise, filing an extension will be necessary.

Filing an extension is only an extension of time to gather information. There is no extension of time to pay taxes. All individual taxes due must be paid by April 15th to avoid penalties and interest. An automatic extension extends the amount of time to file until October 15th (for individuals). Please note that we must be able to prepare a good estimate of the actual taxes due in order to file valid extensions.

If you need more time to gather information for your taxes, please let us know as early as possible and we can assist you with filing the extensions. Please note that extensions will not be automatically filed on your behalf. Please let us know that you need the extension by submitting your signed engagement letter and the appropriate tax deposit below.

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