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We want to eliminate any surprises in your balance due or refund for next April. With alternative minimum tax, passive losses, and phase outs of itemized deductions, your tax bill is not something you can afford to just leave to chance and hope it comes out favorably for you.

We are making a strong effort this summer and fall to work with each of our clients to do just that. In our recent quarterly Tax Update newsletter, we sent out information about our new Tax Coaching and Planning services. First, by reviewing your particular situation, we provide a complete plan of attack to help you reduce your tax liability and make tax smart decisions. This analysis usually encompasses about 40 to 75 pages. We then update your current tax plan to get a preview of your 1040 and help you understand your current year liability. Finally, we add a second scenario of what your tax return could look like with implementation of the planning ideas we have provided. The results are astonishing. Most of these ideas can reduce tax liability by thousands of dollars.

Beware though, planning time is now! Most of these ideas to save you money need to be in place now – January will be too late!

We work with clients across the country so no matter where you are, we can work with you via web meetings, email and telephone. We are expanding our business and want to help more people save more of their hard earned money – including you. Let us help you see how tax planning now can save you a bundle and make next April much less painful.

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To get started, please complete an engagement letter and the coaching questionnaire and fax or email them back to us. We are ready to show you how to save more money this year!

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